1. DSDBASE - A database on disulphide bonds in proteins that provides information on native disulphides and those which are stereochemically possible between pairs of residues in a protein. Try it now!
  2. EcRBPome - A comprehensive database of Escherichia coli RNA-binding proteins (RBPs). This database documents RBPs identified by genome-wide survey of all known complete E. coli proteomes, as of May 2016. Try it now!
  3. GenDiS+ - Genomic Distribution of structural Superfamilies is a repository of homologous sequences of structural superfamily members in SCOP identified in the sequence space (NR, NCBI). Try it now!
  4. hRBPome - A comprehensive database of human RNA-binding proteins. Try it now!
  5. PASS2 - An automatic version of the original superfamily alignment database. Try it now!
  6. PIMADb - A collection of chain interaction details of all the protein assemblies available in Protein Data Bank (PDB). Try it now!
  7. PPIDb - A semi-automated, manually curated database which records information about interacting partner(s), oligomeric state and closest homologue for over 10,000 protein domains. Try it now!
  8. DDBASE - A database of Globular domains derived from non-redundant set of protein chains. Try it now!
  9. STIFDB2 - A comprehensive collection of biotic and abiotic stress responsive genes in Arabidopsis thaliana and Oryza sativa L. Try it now!


  1. IWS2.0 - Integrated Web Server is an integrated bioinformatics work bench dedicated for complete in-silico analysis of protein sequence and structure data based on various strategies. NCBS-IWS2 offers a web interface to both in-house and widely used programmes from major bioinformatics groups. It also provides interactive images for Analysis Work Flow, that will help the user to carry out analysis in an easy way. Try it now!
  2. DIAL - Sequence analysis of aligned domains, for structural comparisions, for understanding domain stability and flexibility and for fold recognition procedures. Try it now!
  3. DOCKSCORE - A webserver for ranking protein-protein docked poses. Try it now!
  4. insectOR - A webserver to predict odorant receptor genes from newly sequenced insect genomes. Try it now!
  5. MODIP - Modelling Disulphide rich peptides. Try it now!
  6. PIMA - Server for analysing Protein-Protein Interactions in huge macromolecular Assemblies is a tool for analysing the inter chain interactions in a protein complex. Try it now!
  7. PPCHECK -A webserver for identification of non-covalent interactions at the interface of a protein-protein complex. Try it now!
  8. PUFAS - A web server that predicts the possible function of an input sequence, based upon the predicted domains and protein fold. Try it now!
  9. RANMOD - Random Conformation to Polypeptide Backbone. Try it now!
  10. RStrucFam - A web server to predict the structure, type of cognate RNA(s) and function(s) of proteins from mere sequence information. Try it now!
  11. STIF - A web server for rapid annotation of upstream and untranslated regions in plant genomes for putative transcription factor binding sites. Try it now!

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