RStrucFam is a web server to predict the structure, type of cognate RNA(s) and function(s) of proteins from mere sequence information. It has two components: the web server and the back-end database (HMMRBP).

User input: The web server accepts protein sequence as input, preferably a putative RNA- binding protein (RBP).

Output: RStrucFam provides structural or sequence domain RBP family associations of the user input protein sequence. In case of associations with a family of known structures, the server provides output features like, absolutely conserved residues (ACRs) among members of the family, multiple structure-based sequence alignment (MSSA) of the query with all others members of that family, putative RNA partner(s) for that protein, Gene Ontology (GO) annotations, if any and a homology model of the protein.

HMMRBP database: This is our database of structural and sequence-based RBP family HMMs. Specific proteins or RNAs and their related information can be retrieved from our database based on keyword or motif search. In RStrucFam, we have made an attempt to bring together all the essential information pertaining to RBPs like structures, cognate RNA partners and putative functions that can be directly retrieved for proteins with structures solved in complex with RNA (from HMMRBP database) or predicted for proteins without known structures or structures solved in RNA 'uncomplexed' form.

Please cite us: Ghosh, Pritha, Oommen K. Mathew, and Ramanathan Sowdhamini. "RStrucFam: A Web Server to Associate Structure and Cognate RNA for RNA-Binding Proteins from Sequence Information." BMC Bioinformatics. 17 (2016): 411. PMC. Web. 1 Dec. 2016.

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