Prof. R. Sowdhamini's pre-doctoral studies were completed at Indian Institute of Technology, Madras, doctoral work at Indian Institute of Science, Bangalore and post-doctoral work at Birkbeck College and University of Cambridge, U.K.

Prof. R. Sowdhamini

Senior Professor 

Dr. Adwait Joshi
Project Scientist

Computational genomics, sequence analysis, programming and algorithm development, big data analysis, machine learning, protein bioinformatics

Dr. Meenakshi Iyer
Project Scientist

Sequence-structure relationships, Protein domains, Genomics, Transcriptomics and Comparative Genomics, Big data analysis, Algorithm and webserver development

Dr. Arkamitra Vishnu 
Post Doctoral Researcher

Passionate Fungal biologist with a research background in Microbial Ecology, Molecular Evolution and Species Interaction

Dr. Nagarathnam B
Post Doctoral Researcher

Membrane Proteins, Insilco identification of phytoconstituents, olfactory science, NGS data analysis

Research Scholars (PhD)

Pankaj Chauhan
Research Scholar

Cardiomyopathies; use of computational techniques to understand cardiomyopathies from individual proteins to diseasome

Mohamed Shafi
Research Scholar

Plant genomics, Comparative genomics, Functional genomics and sequence analysis

Seshank Mutya
Research Scholar

Understanding genetic changes in Cyanobacteria (Synechococccus strain) and ascribing it to metabolic changes in the strain

Soumya Nayak
Research Scholar

Structure and sequence analysis of proteins, application of statistical analysis and machine learning on biological data

Vikas Tiwari
Research Scholar

Computational structural modelling, Molecular docking and virtual screening, Molecular dynamics simulation, Cryo-EM, Programming and algorithm design, Machine learning

Vikash Kumar
Research Scholar

Protein structure networks,
algorithm development

Sarthak Joshi
Research Scholar

Programming and algorithm design, Machine learning approaches for protein fold prediction and classification

Revathy Menon
Research Scholar

Molecular dynamics, protein-protein interactions, algorithm design and programming

Research Scholars (Int. PhD)

Abhishek Sharma
Research Scholar

Viral Evolution, Protein Structure and Sequence analysis, MD simulation

Shailya Verma
Research Scholar

Protein modeling, Evolution, Phylogeny, Molecular Dynamics Simulations, Virtual screening, Protein purification

Aditi Pathak
Research Scholar

Protein-Protein Interactions in Macromolecular Assemblies


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