STIFDB V2.0 [Stress Responsive Transcription Factor Database] :

STIFDB V2.0 [Stress Responsive Transcription Factor Database] is a comprehensive collection of biotic and abiotic stress responsive genes in Arabidopsis thaliana and Oryza sativa L. with options to identify probable Transcription Factor Binding Sites in their promoters. In the response to biotic stress like Bacteria and abiotic stresses like ABA, drought, cold, salinity, dehydration, UV-B, high light, heat,heavy metals etc, ten specific families of transcription factors in Arabidopsis thaliana and six in Oryza sativa L. are known to be involved. HMM-based models are used to identify binding sites of transcription factors belonging to these families. We have also consulted literature reports to cross-validate the Transcription Factor Binding Sites predicted by the method.

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STIFDB V2.0: Database Statistics as on October 2012

Database contains various Stress Responsive Genes & Transcription Factor Binding Site Related Information : TFmap, TAIR Accession ID, TIGR Accession ID, RAPDB Accession ID, Gene Names [Including Aliases], Chromosome Position, References to Publication and Related Resources, Transcription Factor Family Name, Binding Sites, Orientation of Binding Sites, Stress-Signal, Z-Score, and Normalization Score.

GenomeNo. of Stress
Resp. Genes
Arabidopsis thaliana3150
Oryza sativa subsp japonica1118
Oryza sativa subsp indica1716

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If you use STIFDB data, please cite as:

  • Mahantesha Naika, Khader Shameer, Oommen K. Mathew, Ramanjini Gowda and Ramanathan Sowdhamini.(2013) STIFDB2: An Updated Version of Plant Stress-Responsive TranscrIption Factor DataBase with Additional Stress Signals, Stress-Responsive Transcription Factor Binding Sites and Stress-Responsive Genes in Arabidopsis and Rice. Plant Cell Physiol. 54(2):e8(1-15). [PMID: 23314754]
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