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PURE [Prediction of Unassigned REgions] Server:

PURE - Prediction of Unassigned REgions is a method to identify putative domains in the unassigned regions.

Input Method: Paste Sequence of UR in FASTA Format [FASTA Format]
Step 1 : Type your valid email address
Step 2 : Type a name for your unassigned sequence
Step 3 : Select the options for PSI-BLAST Database, PSI-BLAST E-Value:, CD-HIT Threshold Value, HMMPFAM E-Value and HMMSEARCH Cut-off.
Step 4 : Click the PURE button to submit the process.
Output Detials: PURE Server sent the results as a URL to the email address provided by the user.
Details about the Output files is available in the Help page.

PURE Server : Pre-computed Results:

Note : For a Query sequence with an average length of <200 residues, PURE Server will take 90 minutes to process the query (HMMSEARCH Cut-off = 50). If a user would like to see an ouput from PURE Server without submitting a query, We have provided results from serveral examples as pre-computed results.
Click here to go to Pre-Computed PURE Results Page
Results of Example Run :
PURE Server will sent an email with two URL to the email address provided by the user as given below. This is the result for the Query Sequence provided in the Example Run Page of the PURE Server.

A. Consensus output: provides a summary of the overall results.
[Click here for the Consensus output from PURE Server for Query Sequence : NP_852793.1.1-261_seq]
B. Detailed output: This section is divided into 12 sections for a successful PURE run. Each of the files provided in detailed output gives the background details about the final result file.
[Click here for the Detailed output from PURE Server for Query Sequence : NP_852793.1.1-261_seq]

PURE Server - Example Run - Input Method 2 : Paste Sequence in FASTA Format:

Enter your valid email address:  

Paste UR Sequence in FASTA Format :     [ Click here to paste Example file ]     [Click here to see the Example file]

Switch-off TMAP/COIL Filter:

Enter Query Name of UR:

PSI-BLAST Database:  

PSI-BLAST E-Value:  

CD-HIT Threshold Value:  

HMMPFAM E-Value:  

HMMSEARCH Cut-off*:  

* Due to extensive time required for computaion, In the example run of PURE Server HMMSEARCH will be done only for first 50 hits after CD-HIT. Inorder to maximise the dimension of sequence search space for clustering, Please use the lowest CD-HIT threshold value.

Prof. R. Sowdhamini (mini@ncbs.res.in)
Dr. Bernard Offman
Chilamakuri Chandra Sekhar Reddy
Shameer Khadar