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DIAL server

DIAL is a web server for the automatic identification of structural domains given the three-dimensional coordinates of a protein.

Input methods:Help

1. User may upload pdbfile    ( Example run )

2. User may paste sequence of the structure in FASTA format.    ( Example run )

3. User may generate full biological unit and obtain DIAL domain definition by uploading pdbfile with one subunit and transfomation matrix for other subunits.    ( Example run )

4. User may enter pdbcode and chain identifiers.    ( Example run )

Upload PDB fileHelp

  • Upload the pdb file.
  • PDB file can be single domain or multi domain.
  • Click here for help.

  • Upload PDB file :    Example input

    Paste sequence of your structure in FASTA formatHelp

       Example input

    Generate full bilogical unit and obtain domain defintionHelp

    Upload PDB file :    Example input

    Paste transformation and rotation matrix

    Enter PDB codeHelp

    Enter PDB code        (For example 1j4v)

    Enter Chain identifiers    (For example A, B)

    (Chain identifiers if more than one, should be seperated by a comma.
    By default, DIAL will consider entire structure associated with the given PDB code.)

    DIAL group

    Dr. R. Sowdhamini (mini@ncbs.res.in)
    G . Pugalenthi


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