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STIFDB [Stress Responsive TranscrIption Factor Database] :

STIFDB [Stress Responsive TranscrIption Factor Database] is a comprehensive collection of abiotic stress responsive genes in Arabidopsis thaliana, with options to identify probable Transcription Factor Binding Sites in their promoters. In the response to abiotic stresses like drought, cold, salinity, high light, heat, etc, ten specific families of transcription factors are known to be involved. HMM-based models are used to identify binding sites of transcription factors belonging to these families. We have also consulted literature reports to cross-validate the Transcription Factor Binding Sites predicted by the method.

STIFDB: Database Content:
Database contains various Stress Responsive Genes & Transcription Factor Binding Site Related Information :

TFmapTAIR Accession IDGene Names [Including Aliases]Chromosome PositionReferences to Publication and Related ResourcesTranscription Factor Family NameBinding SitesOrientation of Binding SitesStress-SignalZ-Score,  and Normalization Score

STIFDB: Database Statistics:
STIFDB: Database Statistics as on November 2008

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Prof. M. Udayakumar

STIFdb Team:
Prof. R. Sowdhamini
Prof. M. Udayakumar
K. Shameer
S. Ambika
Susan Mary Varghese