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Superfamily Details

Superfamily summary
Superfamily Name:  Epsilon subunit of F1F0-ATP synthase C-terminal domain
Class Name:  All alpha proteins
Fold Name:  Long alpha-hairpin
Number of Members:  2
Average Size: 
SCOP ID Name Source
d1aqta1 Epsilon subunit of F1F0-ATP synthase C-terminal domain Escherichia coli [TaxId: 562]
d2jdih1 Epsilon subunit of F1F0-ATP synthase C-terminal domain Cow (Bos taurus) [TaxId: 9913]

Alignment Based On Similarities In Structural Features using Comparer

                             10        20        30        40        50  
d1aqta1  (  87 )    qdldearAmeakrkAeehissshgdvdyaqAsaelakAiaqlrvieltkk
d2jdih1  ( 102 )     mldlgaakanlekAqsellgaadeatraeiqirIeanealvkal     
                          aaaaaaaaaaaa          aaaaaaaaaaaaaa        

solvent inaccessible: UPPER CASE X
solvent accesible: lower case x
alpha helix: red x
beta strand: blue x
3 - 10 helix: maroon x
hydrogen bond to main chain amide: bold x
hydrogen bond to mainchain carbonyl: underline x
disulphide bond: cedilla ç
positive phi: italic x

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