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Superfamily ID Superfamily Description Fold Description Class
54171DNA-binding domainDNA-binding domainAlpha and beta proteins (a+b)
54184Penicillin-binding protein 2x (pbp-2x), c-terminal domainPenicillin-binding protein 2x (pbp-2x), c-terminal domainAlpha and beta proteins (a+b)
89807Dodecin-likeDodecin subunit-likeAlpha and beta proteins (a+b)
89811Amyloid beta a4 protein copper binding domain (domain 2)Dodecin subunit-likeAlpha and beta proteins (a+b)
88798N-terminal, heterodimerisation domain of RBP7 (RpoE)Dodecin subunit-likeAlpha and beta proteins (a+b)
117778D-lysine 5,6-aminomutase beta subunit KamE, N-terminal domainDodecin subunit-likeAlpha and beta proteins (a+b)
117782YbjQ-likeDodecin subunit-likeAlpha and beta proteins (a+b)
159871YdgH-likeDodecin subunit-likeAlpha and beta proteins (a+b)
54189Ribosomal proteins S24e, L23 and L15eRibosomal proteins S24e, L23 and L15eAlpha and beta proteins (a+b)
102735Trigger factor ribosome-binding domainRibosome binding domain-likeAlpha and beta proteins (a+b)
100966Translation initiation factor 2 beta, aIF2beta, N-terminal domainRibosome binding domain-likeAlpha and beta proteins (a+b)
142897TFB5-likeTFB5-likeAlpha and beta proteins (a+b)
102741Obg GTP-binding protein C-terminal domainObg GTP-binding protein C-terminal domainAlpha and beta proteins (a+b)
54197HIT-likeHIT-likeAlpha and beta proteins (a+b)
75347Rotavirus NSP2 fragment, C-terminal domainHIT-likeAlpha and beta proteins (a+b)