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SEQPLOT is an consensus sequence analysis - plotting program based on various amino acid indices. Users can generate plots for 516 Amino Acid Indices in AAindex ver.7.0 using SEQPLOT. An amino acid index is a set of 20 numerical values representing various physico--chemical and biochemical properties of amino acids. Users can generate 3 plots together in a single page using SEQPLOT Server @ NCBS-IWS

SeqPlot - Consensus Sequence Analysis Plotting Program

Paste FASTA format file here (NB: Only FASTA) : [Click here to insert example input]

Select Window Size :
Select the Aminoacid Index to create a plot 1:

Select Plot 2 :

Select Plot 3:

1. Paste a single FASTA file (Sample file is available here )
2. Select the window size
3. Select 3 plots from 3 drop-down menu
4. Click the submit button

1. AAINDEX : Kawashima, S., Ogata, H., and Kanehisa, M.; AAindex: amino acid index database. Nucleic Acids Res. 27, 368-369 (1999).
2. SEQPLOT : Shameer Khadar & Dr. R. Sowdamini (/iws/seqplot.html 2007)

Contact :
Dr. R. Sowdhamini (mini@ncbs.res.in)
Shameer Khadar