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National Centre for Biological Sciences - Integrated Web Server (NCBS-IWS) is an integrated bioinformatics work bench dedicated for complete in-silico analysis of protein sequence and structure data based on various strategies. Currently NCBS-IWS provides tools for 10 in-silico analysis categories. NCBS-IWS provides web interface to both in-house and widely accepted programs from major bioinformatics groups also. NCBS-IWS also provides interactive images for Analysis Work Flow, that will help the user to carry out analysis in an easy way.

MODIP Online @ NCBS - IWS(help)

1. Upload or Paste the Coordinates file in PDB format

2. Format includes HEADER, COMPND, SOURCE, AUTHOR and ATOM fields.

3. PDB file can be single chain or multi chain.

4. 'C-alpha only' proteins are not useful for running MODIP.

Protein Name :

PDB file to Upload:

Alternatively you can also submit your sequence by using the following method :


Protein name :

Paste PDB file :

MODIP / DSDBASE Reference :
R.Sowdhamini, N.Srinivasan, B.Shoichet, D.V.Santi, C.Ramakrishnan and P.Balaram (1989). Stereochemical modelling of disulfide bridges: Criteria for introduction into proteins by site-directed mutagenesis. Prot. Engng., 3, 95-103.

Thangudu, R. R., Vinayagam, A., Pugalenthi, G.,Manonmani, A., Offmann, B. & Sowdhamini, R. (2005) Native and modelled disulphide bonds in proteins: Knowledge-based approaches towards structure prediction of disulphide-rich polypeptides. Proteins: Structure Function and Bioinformatics, 58, 866-79.

Dr. R. Sowdhamini (mini@ncbs.res.in)
Shameer Khadar