hRBPome is a comprehensive database of human RNA-binding proteins. This database documents RBPs reported by the following studies:

  • our own genome-wide survey (GWS) of the human proteome (Ghosh and Sowdhamini, 2016) (G)
  • the census of human RBPs (Gerstberger et al., 2014) (C)
  • the unexplored human RBP atlas (Zhao et al., 2014) (U)
  • the mRNA-bound proteome (Baltz et al., 2012) (M)
  • the HeLa mRNA interactome (Castello et al., 2012) (H)
  • the RBPDB (Cook et al., 2010) (R)

    In this database, confidence scores are assigned to putative RBPs, based on their occurrence in the different studies (datasets) considered here. We propose that, such a scoring scheme is a direct readout for the probability of a protein to be a part of the human RBPome. The 837 genes, with a confidence score of greater than or equal to 3, may be considered as the gold standard of human RBP genes. The gene names of these proteins have been represented in red font on the 'Browse' pages for the individual datasets. GO annotations and disease associations for all the putative RBPs have also been provided in this database.