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Genomic Distribution of structural Superfamilies identifies and classifies evolutionary related proteins at the superfamily level in whole genome databases.

GenDiS has been curated in direct correspondence with SCOP and represents 4001 highly resolved domains in 1194 structural superfamilies across protein sequence databases. Sequences showing reliable homology to entries in SCOP and PASS2 databases have been obtained from the non-redundant protein sequence database and aligned. Similar alignments of the superfamily members are provided in the genome level. GenDiS provides a platform for cross genome comparison at the superfamily level.

Gendis relates proteins sequence information across all strata of taxonomy. One may navigate through the database to obtain structural homologues across different levels in taxonomic classification. The nomenclature of the various genomes and their hierarchy is in direct correspondence with the taxonomy database maintained at the NCBI.

Sequence homologues for the various structural members are obtained from the non-redundant protein sequence database employing sensitive sequence search methods. Multiple approaches such as PSI-BLAST, HMMsearch of the HMMer suite and an interacting motif constrained PHI-BLAST (Bhaduri et al., 2004) have been employed to identify homologues in the sequence databases.

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Pugalenthi, G. Bhaduri, A and Sowdhamini, R (2005) GenDiS: Genomic Distribution of Protein Structural domain Superfamilies. Nucleic Acid Research Vol. 33, D252-D255

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