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    You may type 1 digit into the first field (the enzyme class), 1 or 2 digits into the second and third fields (subclass and sub-subclass), and up to 3 digits into the fourth field. For example, you may type to get the corresponding ENZYME entry.

    You may also enter a partial EC number in order to get a list of all ENZYME entries whose EC numbers begin with the given pattern. For example, you may just type 1.2. . .

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  • Search Using Protein Sequence

    One can reach particular DSDBASE entry by running Blast search against the DSDBASE entries

    MODIP Online

    Disulphide details for Missing entries or New pdb files can obtained by running MODIP program online

    Peptide Modelling

    One can probe the database for multiple disulphide bond systems of particular connectivity and obtain the structure of the Protein.