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Coilcheck+ is an updated version of Coilcheck algorithm. Critical inter-chain interactions play a pivotal role in stabilizing coiled-coil structures, which in turn has an functional importance. Coilcheck + is a dedicated web server to study the stability of coiled-coils, by measuring the strength of interactions between the helices forming the coils.

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Calculation of Van der Waals energy may take a while. Calculation using Hydrogen fixed PDB is even more intensive. Therefore, it is not included by default. You can opt to include it in the below form.
  1. No Yes Using Hydrogen Fixed PDB File
Form Field Description
PDB File
COILCHECK+ server requires PDB file has input. It is mandatory that the file has the HEADER.
Chain Identifiers
The user has to input the two chains (eg- A, B) of interest for which the interactions are identified. The chain identifiers have to be entered in capitals.
The energy of electrostatic interactions are calculated according to the Coulombs law. All interprotomer charged atomic pairs 15 or less apart have been considered for energy calculation.
Charged Patch Algorithm
The charged-patch program identifies patches of charged residues in a coiled-coil dimer which are important for the stability of the structure.
Hydroladder Algorithm
The hydro-ladder program finds the continuity of the core regions of the coiled-coil dimer.