MDL Chime

Download : MDLChimeSP6.exe (for Windows 98/ME/NT4.0/XP)

How to Install MDL Chime Manually

Manual installation is needed only for Netscape 7 (or Mozilla or Firefox) on Windows only. The MDL Chime installer works automatically in Windows with Netscape 4 and Internet Explorer, and with Netscape 4 in Mac/OS X. Printing this page now will be useful because you'll have to close the browser during the installation.

1. Download the MDL Chime installer, and install Chime in Internet Explorer.

2. Copy the file npchime.dll from c:\Program Files\Internet Explorer\Plugins to c:\Program Files\Netscape\Netscape\plugins
(or c:\Program Files\\Mozilla\plugins or c:\Program Files\Mozilla Firefox\plugins).
(The other three "chime" files in the plugins directory are unnecessary: chime.html is the Chime release notes; chime26.isu and ChimeShim.dll are obsolete.)

3. Close all browser windows. This is necessary since browsers load plugins only when starting.

4. Start Netscape 7 (or Mozilla or Firefox). Open the Help menu, and display About Plugins. If MDL Chime is not listed, the file npchime.dll was not copied into the correct directory -- re-copy it and try again.


rw32b2a.exe (for Windows 98/ME/NT4.0/XP)

rasmol.tar.gz (for Linux)