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3DSwap is a comprehensive collection with various information about protein structures that are reported to be involved in 3D Domain Swapping that contains representative structures from multiple SCOP superfamilies, identified by literature mining. Users can search the 3DSwap database based on various criteria. User can search the sequences of proteins in 3Dswap database using a BLAST search interface.
NOTE: Searches against sequence of swapped structures are implemented in 3 levels. User can query the sequence against database of full set of sequences derived from structures in 3Dswap, search against the sequence curated from the swapped region or the hinge region. Full length sequence searches are implemented using normal BLASTP parameters, for hinge region the following parameters are used : word size (-W) is set to 2, Filter query sequence is set to F. PAM30 is used instead of BLOSUM62 to enable better search results from the hinge region searches.

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Khader Shameer, Prashant N Shingate, Manjunath SCP, Karthika M. G, Ganesan Pugalenthi and Prof. R. Sowdhamini